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There are like a billion uses for mini muffin pans, and here’s yet another one – donut holes!

These cinnamon sugar donuts are baked, fried, then rolled in a sugar and cinnamon mix. They’re keto, grain free, and sugar free. Although they don’t taste exactly like donuts, as my husband put it when he walked in the door and ate 4 in a row – they’re addictingly good.

The original recipe calls for donut pans but I find that these need more cinnamon/sugar mix per surface area, or per one bite; and donut holes do exactly that.

I also deep fried them in coconut oil for about 30 seconds on each side before immediately putting them into the sugar mix. With this version of the recipe, you need double the amount of sugar mix.

The type of sugar you choose is huge here. You need a granulated sugar that you are 100% in love with. Remember that erythritol has a slight cooling aftertaste, which is more prevalent when eaten raw. Read this article about sugar free sweeteners.

I opted for the Lakanto golden monk fruit sweetener for the cinnamon/sugar mix. Even though Lakanto monk fruit is cut with erythritol it still has a minimal aftertaste.

Here’s the recipe for keto cinnamon sugar donuts. Replace the donut pans with mini muffin pans. The cooking time does not change. Mine took 10 minutes.