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Always Have Stock on Hand

Vegetable stock is a staple in vegetarian cooking. It will add flavor and lighten up heavy dishes. Unless you’re making soup, you’re most likely not going to use up the 1 liter of stock (the standard size box) in 4 days… which is why freezing vegetable stock is what you need to do to eliminate waste, and ensure you always have stock on hand to add a little flavor when you need it.

How to Freeze It

Fill up ice cube trays with fresh vegetable stock. Freeze entirely. Then pop the cubes out and put them into a ziplock bag with the date – and if you need to be reminded – that 1 cube = 2 TB of stock. They will last 6-12 months in the freezer.

Don’t Use Bouillon

Sure, you could buy “better than bouillon” vegetable base but it’s gooey and measuring it out is a pain. Even worse, it contains preservatives like maltodextrin, and it has sugar and yeast.

Do Use Preservative-Free Stock

A healthier way to add a lot of flavor to your vegetarian dishes is to use a healthy vegetable stock. What would your grandmother add to her vegetable stock? That’s right – just vegetables and maybe spices! Check your labels.

Not Just for Soup

It doesn’t make sense to freeze stock like this for soup. Which raises the question, how can I use these stock cubes to brighten up my dishes? Here are some other uses:

  • Use as a base for a variety of sauces to add flavor
  • In place of part of the cream in heavy sauces to lighten it up
  • Replace some of the water for stock when making cauliflower rice
  • Add to your creamed potato or cauliflower mash
  • When sautéing vegetables, add a couple cubes of stock and use less oil
  • To moisten leftovers. When reheating stovetop or in the oven, add stock to bring back moisture to the dish