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What kind of yogurt you need to buy

Yogurt is a healthy food that does not need to be avoided on a low carb/keto diet. The key is to buy plain, full-fat, greek yogurt. (My favorite brand is Chobani). Greek yogurt is full of B vitamins, probiotics, calcium, fat and protein – while also being low on carbs.

Plus, according to a series of tests done by Jack Goldberg Ph.D of the Go-Diet – there are claims that you don’t even need to count most of the carbs in probiotic yogurt, since the bacteria eat up the carbs (about 8 grams of carbs for every cup), which would make yogurt virtually carb-free!

Greek yogurt wins over sour cream

For every 100 grams of full fat greek plain yogurt, there are about 4 net grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein versus 4 1/2 carbs and 2 1/2 grams of protein in full fat sour cream.

Greek yogurt has nearly 4x’s the amount of protein! More importantly, full fat greek yogurt is full of B vitamins and probiotics. So you should use full fat greek yogurt where you can in place of sour cream.

Quick low carb/keto greek yogurt recipes

Make sugar free vanilla yogurt

If the thought of eating straight up plain yogurt does not appeal to you, try adding in some vanilla monk fruit or stevia drops to make sugar-free vanilla flavored yogurt.

Try this 3 minute peanut butter chocolate chip dessert

Add vanilla extract, your favorite sweetener in powdered form, some scoops of peanut butter, dash of salt and sugar-free chocolate chips like these for a quick no bake dessert.

Maple walnut granola with creamy yogurt

Top with granola and sugar-free maple syrup. Here’s a recipe for low carb maple walnut granola that would work great. Then top with some additional maple syrup for a healthy and quick breakfast. Maybe top with berries?

Shortcut parfait

Make layers of yogurt and your favorite sugar-free jelly then top with berries and nuts for a quick breakfast parfait.